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dani cover

free download at, feel free to share with everyone you know

dani back

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Dani Lion is Lauren Hoyt and myself.  Follow us at


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The Lazy Waves are:

Michael Gross, Matt Glass and myself

free download (donations are appreciated) at

follow us


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star wars

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 Rotten Musicians will be opening for VCR5 on Thursday, February 3rd at Urban Lounge

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Brady front

I made 3 beats off 1 Brady Bunch record and Dusk wrote some rhymes to 'em...

free download at

Brady back

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Once again, we're at the club (The Hotel this time) and who comes by with a camera?

I gave them my best performance and Marissa pulled the Avatar face.  Take that duckfacers!

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Mark Dago (of Numbs and Rotten Musicians) 'SelfHighFive' album now available

I produced the entire thing! check it out...

special guests include Ebay Jamil, Lauren Hoyt, Bad Brad Wheeler, Dusk One, Numbs, Tash (of the Liks), League 510 and Enzyme Dynamite

Derek Hunter of did all the artwork







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