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Brady front

I made 3 beats off 1 Brady Bunch record and Dusk wrote some rhymes to 'em...

free download at

Brady back

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shock front cover


Free download at...


shock back cover

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Hey Trekkies,

Want a free MP3 of the song "Captain's Log"? (preview it at my myspace).  All you need to do is send an email to saying "Beam me up Fischy" and I'll reply with the song.

Below are the records I used to make this little Star Trek tribute (except for the drums)...enjoy!



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Thanks to everyone who came to the CD release/listening party!

Thanks to the Chase's (Odetta and Chaseonetwo) as well!


The new CD "When Phones Had Cords" is available on the Fisch Loops myspace.  Also, while supplies last, all purchases come with the bonus CD "Whole Loops".  Merry Christmas indeed. 

Stay tuned for a Rotten Christmas gift as well!  *evil laughter* 

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I know, I know, this post is way late but I like the flyer.  Our next show will be Saturday, November 8th at Velour in Provo.  I'll try to post the flyer for that show before it's over.  In other news, I'm almost done with a new Fisch Loops album (Chris did the layout again with a picture of Marissa's aunt that I gave him) which should be available in December/January. 





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